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Pure Flax Hull Lignans from GLP, Inc. Great results in just 3 weeks!


What are Lignans?

What Research is there about Lignans?


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* 800 times stronger!

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Lignan Research and Links

** AIDS Research & testimonials soon. AIDS patients seeing positive results in just 6 weeks!

Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" contains a higher concentration of lignans (SDG) than any other high lignan product on the market. Our processing method also allows for an extended shelf life without the use of chemicals.

Presenting only the Best of Flaxseed Components


Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" 750 mg - 90 capsules - $12.95
Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" Powder 5.5 oz. - $19.95

Strong Science, Strong Products, Strong Health

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