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Many customers like to know about the results achieved by others.  We will proudly share with you other people's testimonies:

03/01/04 From Justine Likuka, Zambia

A Government official who has cancer called and I went to see him this afternoon to pray with him and check on his progress.  I had just given him a week's dosage of flax hull lignans from a sample pack and I could not believe it when I saw him working in his office after months of laying home under chemotherapy.  On sunday we fellowshiped with one of the AIDS patients that got the full monthly dose and I got a report that the lady is able to get up and call for her food. She now can walk a little bit and is about 75% better than she was on the day Flax came into her life. Note:  The people of Zimbabwe are on rationed product because we only had enough resource to deliver a small amount into their nation.  They are desperate to live and to get anything they can.  Therefore, a week's dosage is better than nothing. 02/01/04 From S. Africa Dear Dr. Daves - My name is Mamoona Bux.  I am 52 years old and I was diagnosed with bone cancer in September of 2002.  Thank you for the supply of the flax lignans which I have been taking for about three weeks.  I found that it did help me a little.  I have full energy and I could walk a little without crutches.  It also eased my pain a bit.  I am sure if I continue to take it, it will heal my pain and suffering.

PS.  I talked with Mamoona on the phone one week later and she had stopped all pain medication and was walking everywhere without crutches.  Her energy levels were back to normal and she is very excited!  It's interesting what happens when you give the product around 4 - 6 weeks to build your immune system!  Thanks to God for this wonderful product!

North Dakota About 10 years ago I had a bad case of colon cancer.  I was treated with chemotherapy and  radiation therapy.  The cancer went in recession but in 1999 I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and they performed a colostomy on me.  Then in October of 2000, the Mayo Clinic discovered that the cancer had spread throughout my abdomen.  They said that there was nothing else they could do and gave me only two months to a year to live.
      In desperation I sought out a naturopathic solution to my problem.  I had started taking colostrum, Crystal Energy & spirulina.  About 6 months ago I was told about a lignan product.  I took a tablespoon a day of a crushed organic lignan product for about 41/2 months.  I also took flaxseed oil.  I recently went to my doctor and he tested my and it is better than it has ever been.  As far as my doctor is concerned I have no cancer.  The lignan product also helped make my stool more regular in consistency. Barb W. Illinois I had developed fibrocystic tumors in my breasts .  Due to the condition my chest felt heavier.  I have been taking the flaxseed lignan product now for about three weeks.  The one cyst that I had which was larger and more obvious is definitely shrinking.  Some of the other smaller cysts I had I can't find anymore, so I believe they are gone.  I also noticed that my chest is lighter.  I also had cysts on my uterus, and have noticed that I don't feel as much swelling in that area.  Overall I can definitely tell that the flax lignan product is doing something beneficial for me.
Literally and figuratively speaking, your flaxseed lignan supplement has been a lifesaver for me. I am 82 years old and for the past several months I have been undergoing intensive hospital and lab testing for possible heart and/or stomach problems. I have been ingesting a variety of prescription drugs that have resulted in a serious problem with constipation. I found myself depressed to the point of contemplating suicide. This inclination has been alleviated since taking Flaxseed Lignan on a regular basis. I now experience full and comfortable elimination with no more reliance on laxatives. I also find that I have much more energy and am able to perform physical workouts and daily tasks without tiring. I am still taking prescriptive drugs without the discomfort of constipation.
Carol B.
North Dakota Hello, I had cancer of the uterus in the late part of 2001. I started taking flaxseed lignan to help fight the cancer. Previously, I had chemotherapy, but that did not seem to help. So I stayed on the flaxseed lignan and the tumors and cysts started to go away. I stayed on the lignans for another 3 weeks and went back to the Doctor. He said my cancer was going away.I’m still on the flaxseed lignan until this day. The cancer seems not to come back as my doctor has told me that I have a clean bill of health. As far as I am concerned the flaxseed lignan from Green Leaf Products helped me successfully fight my cancer illness. Thank you very much for the good health! Deb H.
 California Towards the end of of May, 2002 I developed a severe cold which I felt was leading to shortness of breath similar to a asthma attack. After I took your flaxseed lignan product, I felt much better in a couple of days. My cold started to go away and I was able to breath better again. Much thanks, and a great product! Ramon S. Tacoma, Washington I was diagnosed as a diabetic and was directed to take glyburide. My blood sugar levels have since been very eradic. My blood sugar was going on frequent highs and lows. I was introduced to Natural Excellence Organic Lignan Extract and in less than two months, my blood sugar levels have been consistently and significantly lower. Thank you. 

Lee B. 

Pure lignan-800 times stronger.  Results in 3 weeks.



Pure lignan-800 times stronger.  Results in 3 weeks.

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02/19/04 From India Bob - HIV Pos.

Many thanks once again !! I received the 3 containers.  I am continuing the flax every day.  Well about my feeling, i am feeling better and I find that my are lesions drying up and also reduced in size, the same with the nodes I have on my thumb and one on the scalp.  The scalp one has been there for about 5 years now !!!  It would keep reducing and coming back ... lets see if it comes bak or disappears now with the flax.

My constipation is better than before. there are days in between that my appetite goes in for a leap and I eat loads of food....   Have had a mild fever like feeling in the last few days. Over all I feel better than before.  I personally feel that my VL was very high and is coming down
slowly.  I am overdue for the blood count report, which I shall try n get done ASAP and send across.  have a nice day.

02/20/04 From Franz, our AAAF S. African National Director The Donations of Flax Hall Lignans that you brought to South Africa are starting to produce great results.  Pastor Leonard from Piet Retief was at our local meeting and he reported on three miracles that happened as a direct results from the use of the flax hull lignans.  1.  The little Girl age six that has full blown HIV/AIDS.  Her VL count was into the 300,000 range.  You yourself were there and heard the tragic story about this dying little orphan girl. You saw the little shadow of a human being she had been reduced to.  Well, under the supervision of the local pastor and the medical doctor, this girl has picked up two pounds of weight in less than three weeks! 2.  One lady with a cancer growth went for the operation that was scheduled to remove the growth, but the improvement was so dramatic that the doctor decided not to operate. 3.  A man with severe diabetes is starting to reduce his medicines. 

These are all testimonies of the people in the Piet Retief area of S. Africa:
I personally sent the lignans to a man in Cape Town who had full blown AIDS.  He was in church and told me that the product has given him a new chance in life, his strength is back and he can work again. 02/19/04 From Rev Jeremiah Teverai Machote Zimbabwe I have some possetive testimonies that I have already recieved about two critical people who were almost dying and who are taking Flaxssed. They are responding very, very well. This has really opened a big demand for this food product.  We are now facing a lot of pressure from the poeple and may I also kindly pass it to you Sir.  There is need to work out another supply of flax hull lignans into our area if possible so that we could widen our tesimony base and then to lobby the Government for help in the supply of this helpful commodity.

Beijing, China
I had stage III colon cancer in August, 2000 and I had the surgery on September the same year. I already had chemotherapy four times after the surgery until December, 2001. Even after the treatments, I had to take over thirty pills a day and was given an injection every other day. That made me vomit, have diarrhea, made me weak and my limbs were swollen. In March 2002, I was told about a flaxseed lignan product which can help kill cancer cells and improve the immune system. I started taking it twice a day with juice. After a full body examination before the last chemotherapy in May, 2002, my doctor said that I am doing pretty well and the cancer cells did not spread to other parts of the organ. Now I no longer get easily tired, I have more energy than before and all the bad symptoms have disappeared. People cannot tell that I was a cancer patient. Thanks to the flaxseed lignan, it makes me feel a lot better and I can live a normal life.
Hua Li
N. Dakota
I had lung cancer and had a large tumor. I started using flaxseed lignans and after three days, much of the pain was gone. I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy and after taking flaxseed lignans, I no longer was getting sick from the therapy. I also was not losing my hair anymore from the intense therapy and can now eat most foods. The doctor could not believe how my immune system was still strong after all the chemo and radiation therapy sessions. Now, my growth is subsided and my response to therapy is continuing to improve. Thank you for the flaxseed lignan product!
Dan M.
A month ago I had a persistent cough. Cough drops didn't seem to help. I coughed for about a month without any improvement. Then I took the flax lignan powder. After a couple of weeks, I had no more coughing. Also, I was getting a lot of small growths around my neck over the past couple of years. After taking the flax product, it appears that the growths are going away. I have also experienced a lowering of blood pressure. This product has helped me in many ways.
Thank you,
Jim Y.
North Dakota
I used the flaxseed lignan powder to keep my cycle regular and everything feels great! This product is a great all natural solution to keep menstral cycles regular. Thank you! 
Lorna R.
North Dakota
My wife used the flaxseed lignan powder and this is helping to greatly manage her diabetes. She swears by the product. Also her friends are also using it with great success with their early stage breast cancer. They are all doing much better and responding better to treatments and with less side effects.
Harold B.

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