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Lignan Research & Links

Prostate Cancer and Lignans

Diabetes and Lignans

Heart Disease and Lignans

Lignans have numerous biological properties that make them unique & very useful in promoting health and combating various diseases.  Since the early 1980s, lignans have come under increasing scientific scrutiny after studies suggest that they may prevent the development of breast, prostate, colon & other cancers.  Additional research has shown that they may prevent many types of coronary heart disease and diabetes. With cancer now striking one in three Americans, it seems that lignans' greatest gift to man is their well-documented anti-cancer activity. Research has shown that people who excrete high amounts of lignans in their urine (indicative of a high intake) have markedly lower cancer rates.
**Adlercreutz, H., Mazur, W., "Phyto-estrogens and Western Diseases," Ann. Med., 1997, 29(2): 95-120.
Additional Research Articles Regarding Flaxseed Lignans:
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