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Premium Flaxseed Lignan Extract from Green Leaf Products, Inc

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Our Product is 100% Guaranteed. Better Health is Our Priority !


Pure Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" from USA
Contains 3.5% - 6% Lignans (SDG) 


Customer Satisfaction is Important to Us! If you are not happy with your product, please send it back to us. We will refund you your money. Less than 1% of our customers have asked for a refund!


Simply- Our Product has the highest concentration of organic Lignans available on the market!






Our Product is the only one like it on the market.
Other products that claim to have high lignan typically have less than 1/10th the concentration of lignans than our product. Want to do more research? Click on a link and read more!

Order Pure Flax Hull Lignans from Green Leaf Product.  800 times stronger.  See results in 3 weeks!



Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" Capsules $12.95

(750 mg - 90 capsules)
3.5% - 6% Lignans
Approx. 1 month supply.
Convenient for Travel.


Natural Excellence "Organic Lignan Extract" Powder 5.5 oz. - $19.95
(5.5 oz. powder )
3.5% - 6% Lignans
Approx. 2 month supply.
Easy to Mix.

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